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WRIT 101 (Jana Parsons): Getting Started: Writing and Research Resources

This guide is intended to help you familiarize yourself with the research process and related concepts in order to complete your writing and research assignments.

Research Handouts and Materials

Great Falls College Academic Success Center - Writing Tutors

General Information

The Academic Success Center offers tutoring in a range of subjects, including writing, for Great Falls College students. To schedule a tutoring session, visit the Academic Success Center website. Appointments can be in-person or virtual. 

Online Writing Submissions

You can also submit your written work online for review and feedback from tutors. Tutors can provide feedback on the following: understanding the assignment, brainstorming, outlining, conducting research, introduction/conclusion, main idea/thesis development, organization, content development, focus of paragraphs, transitions, or citations. You can submit your assignment using the Online Writing Submission Form.

Writing Tutor Sunday Hours in the Library

Writing Tutors will now be available in the library on Sundays from 1-4 PM. Use the atrium entrance to access the library on Sundays.

Schedule a Research Appointment with Weaver Library

Getting started with your screencast

Here are some tips for starting your screencast video project:

  • The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your research process. This will be easier if you take notes while doing research and keep track of your search strategy. Then, make a video outline. Make a plan for where you want to start, what you want to share, and how you will share it.  
  • Your instructor has provided you with specific criteria/guiding questions for this assignment. To make sure you are covering all of the required elements, write out a loose script to accompany your video outline. This will help you explain the steps you took and why. 
  • Practice a few times before recording the video. This will help determine if you need to make any changes before recording and will make the recording process a little more efficient. 
  • Do a practice round with the recording software of your choice. Learn how to use the recording tools and how to start, stop, and save your recording. Once you are familiar with how the tools work, then start recording your project. 

Screencast recording options


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